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    When he called for help, his face turned a little red... It was truly unbelievable that a group of militiamen pulled out heavy artillery and let out the screams of the imperial army. Even he himself couldn't believe it! But heavy artillery shells exploding one after another overhead cannot be faked, extinguishing this artillery attack with grenades carried by scouts is a dream, let's ask for support!

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    Well, although it sucks to not have a finale after over 30 years, in Sophie's opinion, this was the best show of all. But her Mandarin wasn't good enough, she had to watch subtitles, and damn news programs usually didn't have subtitles, so she had to ask Xue Min to help translate. Xue Min concluded with her: "There's nothing to see, it's just which country leaders come to visit, which country leaders come to visit us; where the crops come back; which technology has a breakthrough." ; which project has been started or completed... These things have all been decades old, the outline hasn't changed, but the time, place, name, clothes have all changed!

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    After a short and intense battle, the secret service company formed a siege around the surviving Japanese agents, who fought and retreated to hide in some rain gutters. , using rain trenches and rocks to build a defensive line to resist desperately. Now they have learned how to behave, the bullets are aimed at the legs, so the soldiers of the secret police company who are hit by bullets fall down one after another. Mashiko Toshio loudly encouraged everyone: "Masters, hold on! The empire will not abandon us loyal warriors. The commander will soon send planes to rescue us!" Japanese military agents collaborating with the operation outside the battlefield also took action, drawing Mauser pistols and light machine guns and firing at the spy company. They had few troops and poor equipment, which did not help the situation in the battle, but their participation still caused Masuko Toshio to cheer, shouting: "Look, reinforcements are coming, hold on tight I!"

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    The voice of a veteran who survived the Nuomenkan battlefield will never be forgotten for the rest of his life!

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    When Xue Jianqiang and Sophie approached the construction site, it was already dark. Many torches were lit on the construction site. The workers were digging foundations and picking up soil and rocks. They had no intention of saying goodbye today. Many very short engineers and technicians wear beige helmets and are busy on the construction site with blueprints, occasionally pointing at the blueprints and saying something quickly in Japanese or Chinese. Everyone gathered around and listened attentively. The whole construction site is busy. Gotta be hot.

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    Han Yong smiled honestly: "How can this be considered peeping? I just took it out to see... If I don't get caught, can it be considered peeping?"

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    Xue Jianqiang said: "Of course there's no problem with this. I worked so hard to bring the fish here. Isn't it just to make money? If you want, I can sell it to you."

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    The Japanese army was blocked and immediately threw the grenade in their hand. They did not know whether they could kill the Chinese soldiers hiding in the deep hole or not. The smoke and dust from the explosion obscured the Chinese soldiers' vision, so they pulled out the grenades and opened their blades. The pear was stuck, a fierce growl emitted from his throat, and he rushed forward aggressively! The fire is still shining on the top of the mountain, bullets are like rain, people keep being shot to the ground, it doesn't matter, drop bombs, rush forward, rush forward! They were all experienced veterans, they knew very well that shooting at the 10th Division with fully automatic guns at this distance was suicidal, and artillery support was impossible, retreat would expose your back to the Chinese army as a target. Be brave and attack, and charge against the bayonet to have some chance of victory!

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    The afternoon wind blows warmly, the giant tree on the side of the road is bare, its branches and leaves are growing and blooming, the cold winter has passed, spring is here, she smiles shyly, walks lightly in here. Slices of green blessings walk came from the land of deep suffering, and her footsteps could be heard even in the dark of night. A clear, full moon rose into the air, Sophie hummed a song, her voice was so soft, I couldn't tell what she was humming, but it was beautiful. Xue Jianqiang couldn't help but ask: "What song are you humming?"

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    Xue Min exclaimed: "Damn, it's a small Japanese plane, what's wrong with it!?"

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    The Henan Central Plains were covered by battle clouds. The Japanese army secretly mobilized troops from China and the Northeast and various departments of the North China Expeditionary Army established a battle order. Gangcun Ningci flew to Nanjing and assumed the position of commander-general. A major battle was inevitable.

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    Yuan Hui said: "Why did I give birth to a son like you? I'm really angry with you! The girl I met before asked for my phone number. She called me several times without success. work, complain to me that you are too polite! You should quickly call someone to apologize and treat him to a meal, you know? That girl is very nice, she has a good impression of you, you can't miss the opportunity!”

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    Before Xue Jianqiang arrived, the headquarters sent a telegram asking the 10th Division to try to listen to Xue Jianqiang's suggestions. Zhong Wei knew this, and he knew even more that this child was very capable. forcefully, without being polite, he pointed at the map and said: "The situation? It's terrible! That old devil Ozawa is just a coward. I have given up much of the height of command, and have tried to stimulate you." repeatedly. He just didn't move! I could see through it. This guy has no intention of fighting me, he intends to nail my entire division with an alliance. Don't let my division We have the opportunity to go south to meet the main force and deal with the well-digging division! Pointing to a small rock at the edge of the map, "This, the Murakami brigade departing from Diem Thanh is only two miles away from us." miles, ten kilometers away, if there is nothing unexpected, at most tomorrow they will join forces with the Ozawa United team, or not join forces at all, and they will always maintain both sides to attack them. The situation of my division prevents us from taking action!"

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    Zhang Yunyi was stunned: "Advancing ten kilometers!? That is equivalent to placing a regiment in front of Japanese artillery to face naval shells!"

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    Now Sophie has almost hit a wall, why is it so difficult for her to do what Xue Min thinks is easy and happy? Could it be that her IQ is so far behind Tiet Man's that it's hopeless?

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    Under the hands of the Soviet Union, then with the strong support of the United States, the Chinese Air Force was no longer the weak eagle it was at the beginning of the war. The appearance of the P-51 fighter made the Chinese Air Force no longer afraid. Fearing that Zero fighters, B-17, B-24, and B-29 bombers gave the Japanese a taste of being rode on their heads, it can be said that in 1944, the Sino-American joint air force returned. has basically mastered air superiority on the Chinese battlefield, and the Japanese air force can no longer be arrogant. However, at this moment, when they needed air support the most, the air force could not find even a single person! Because the battle had just begun, air superiority over the Central Henan battlefield was completely in the hands of the Japanese army... No, it must be said that air superiority was in the hands of the Japanese army throughout the entire Battle. However, for many different reasons, they failed to gain air superiority, directly leading to a series of terrible consequences. For example, in defending Hengyang, the 11th Army fought bloody battles for more than 40 days. The Japanese Army still could not invade Hengyang. After controlling the skies of Hengyang, it could not be parachuted. again. Running out of ammunition and food, they could only abandon their weapons and walk out of the city where they had stayed for more than 40 days, leaving behind countless regrets. In an important place like Hengyang, air superiority cannot be guaranteed, let alone the Yuzhong battlefield.

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    Xue Jianqiang rightly said: "It is said that people are divided into groups, and good things will gather together. If you see money, how can your friends be better? "

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    Hong Xuezhi asked curiously: "Who is Grandpa Mao?"

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    Taking this good news as a basis, Xue Min finally cheered up, she gave the pistol to Sophie, then ran to cut a few pieces of parachute string with Kabbah 1217. One of them was used as a bow string, made of nylon. . It was much stronger than the rope she twisted with tree bark. The other ropes were joined into a five meter long rope and tied into a bundle to be worn on the body. The fabric of the umbrella is also a good thing. She cut off a large piece of her belt. After all, she couldn't guarantee that she could get out of the mountain and find shelter before dark. It's better to bring this umbrella, which can be used as a hammock.

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    After Xue Min recorded the declaration, she triumphantly returned to the shopping district to find Sophie, like a victorious female general returning.

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    Xue Jianqiang let out a hiss and said in a low voice: "Sophie, listen, this place looks peaceful at first glance, but the underground current is raging, in the darkness there are many pairs of eyes staring. Don't just call someone It's a comrade. I'm sorry!"